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Funny Cats Tails - Funny Cat Stories about MY Cats, Fudge, Joey, Alex and Bruce.

Welcome to Funny Cat Stories.  Here you will find some funny cat stories about my cats Fudge, Joey, Alex and Bruce.  I do hope these funny cat stories will put a smile on your face and help you to further build that complete cat picture!

Share these funny cat stories with your friends and family.  Mums and Dads read them to your children, and Nans and Grandads read these funny cat stories to your grandchildren.

If you have a little story about your cat that you would like to share with us, you can post your cat stories here!

If you want to take a look at the cats behind these funny cat stories, then you can do so by clicking here to see pictures of Fudge Cat, pictures of Joey Cat, Pictures of Alex Cat and pictures of Bruce Cat.

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Fudge and the unwanted house guest!

I walked through my kitchen door to make a cup of tea, but before reaching the kettle, I saw Fudge staring at something ‘what you looking at Fudgey Bar?’ I said, as I turned to look in the direction she was staring, and there sitting on my kitchen floor was a Toad!  At least I think it was a toad, it may have been a frog… either way it was big, slimy and croaking!  I was horrified!  No one else was indoors, so it was just Fudge, the toad and me!  ‘Take it out Fudge!!! Fudge, take it out!!!’ I was saying to Fudge in a stern voice.  Of course Fudge was just looking at me as if to say, ‘why don’t you like it?!  The toad suddenly leapt randomly, and frightened the wits out of me.  I was muttering and mumbling away to myself ‘keep still toad’… ‘heck Fudge thanks, what am I supposed to do with a toad’, I was forwards and backwards, not knowing what to do.  I opened the back door, and went outside and started calling the Toad, to try and encourage it into the back garden!  I wasn’t going to pick it up!  I wasn’t having it lodge with me either!  I decided to grab the dustpan and brush, thinking that I could perhaps gently ‘sweep’ the toad onto the edge of the dustpan, and then lay the dustpan in the garden.  I went towards the toad with the dustpan and brush and as I got within 6 inches of the Toad, it leapt!  ‘aaarrrrgggghhhh - FUDGE, take the damn thing back out’!!!  Fudge is just looking… not even attempting to play with the Toad or even go near it.  Just watching, giving the occasional fidget, and sort of semi circling me!  I was stood pretty much like Fudge just looking at the toad and wondering what to do with it, I was so on edge afraid it would jump again, and all the time the toad is giving the occasional croak!  Eventually, I did succeed with my dustpan and brush plan, and managed to gently encourage the toad into the dustpan using the brush as persuasion!  The toad was safely returned to the wild, and Fudge was given a lecture on unwanted house guests!

Fudge and her little slimy find!

I was at the kitchen sink and Fudge flew past me at 1,000 miles per hour!  As she flew past me I noticed something in her mouth.  Fudge went hurtling up the stairs ‘Fudge has ran upstairs with a bird or something’ I shout at the top of my voice.  I hear my partner exit the living room and take chase!  I am just behind him, and we discover Fudge in my daughters bedroom, looking in the opened sliding door on my daughters under bed storage.  ‘What is it Fudge… what have you done with it?’.  In a fluster, I say to my partner ‘be quiet, see if you can hear something in there’, we both stay absolutely still and listen, and we can hear something moving around, but it doesn’t sound like a bird, it’s not sort of fluttering or anything.  My partner gets a torch.  Whilst he is shining the torch in the under bed storage space, I am just laughing with nervousness, afraid of what he might find.  That squeamish, kind of I have to know feeling taking me over completely.  And then we spot it, a baby frog!!!  The smallest ever frog, leaping around under the bed.  Tiny and slimy!  There was so much junk under my daughters bed that we kept losing sight of it, and when we could spot it the slippery little thing was leaping everywhere.  Fudge was looking on, making no attempt to try and go under the bed to catch it and take it back out!!!  My partner and I were pulling out my daughters belongings bit by bit, trying to make more space to reach in and grab it, but that frog was a quick little mover!  By now my three kids had gathered around my youngest, my son, just four years old, and all three children were buckling under with laughter as we scampered around trying to catch the baby frog.  ‘You’ve got to get it mum, its not staying under my bed all night’ said my eldest daughter who was 14 and whose bed Fudge had delivered the frog to!  It took us three hours to get that little slippery baby frog safely to the garden, where I then put out a bowl of water for it to hop in, in case it had a long journey back to it’s pond, or wherever it came from!  ‘Clever’ said my partner and continued ‘Fudge will probably bring it right back in now, you don’t want to encourage it to stay in the garden!’  He was right of course, so I sat in the garden in the dark and kept an eye on the baby frog until it decided to make it’s way off my property!!!

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