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Welcome to Cat Bites - Bite Size Pieces of Information about Cats - Cat Facts

Information about Cats - Cat Facts - Cat BitesCat Bites brings you information about Cats in Bite Size!  Cat information that you can absorb at a glance.  There are some very interesting cat facts listed below which will help you towards completing the full cat picture! There is endless information about cats and cat facts widely available, Cat Bites brings those bite size pieces of cat info that may surprise you!

Information about CATS TAILS

  • 10% of a cats bones are in its tail.
  • A cats tail has approximately 23 bones, depending on the type of cat.
  • A cat uses its tail for balance.
  • Cats use their tails to show their emotions.
  • A cat can hold its tail vertically when walking, and the domestic cat is the only species able to do this.
  • When a cat quivers its tail close to you it is showing you an expression of immense love. The greatest measure of affection it can show.

Information about CATS EYES

  • Cats have a third eyelid which is called the nictitating membrane. This third eyelid is a thin cover of skin which closes from the side.
  • Normally you can not see a cats third eyelid.
  • A cats third eyelid may be visible if a cat is unwell, or just waking from a sleepy state.
  • Cats do not need to blink frequently like humans need to.
  • Cats blink slower than humans.
  • When a cat blinks it does not always blink both eyes at the same time, commonly it may only blink one eye at a time in order to keep continued vision through the non blinking eye.  The manner in which a cat blinks often gives the impression that a cat is winking.
  • White cats with blue eyes are slightly more prone to deafness. However it is not true that all white cats with blue eyes are deaf.  A white cat with one blue eye may have impaired hearing in the ear on the same side as the blue eye.
  • Blue eyed cats are generally associated with the Siamese Cat
  • Common eye colours for cats are orange, green, gold.
  • Compared to humans cats have superior night vision.
  • A humans visual field of view is 180 degrees, typically a cats visual field of view is 200 degrees.
  • Cats can see in colour, but are partially colour blind.

Information about CATS WHISKERS (Vibrissae)

  • A cat has approximately 24 moveable whiskers.
  • Whiskers are part of a cats sense of touch.
  • A cats whiskers are present on its upper lip, both sides of its nose, on each cheek, on its chin, back of its legs, inner wrists and above its eyes.
  • The roots of a cats whiskers are three times deeper in a cats tissue than ordinary cat hairs.
  • A cats whiskers are more than twice as thick as other cat hairs.
  • At the base of a cats whiskers there are several nerve endings which provide surprisingly detailed information about nearby objects and air movement. 
  • A cats whiskers can indicate an obstacle to a cat without a cat seeing it.
  • When a cat is curious, interested or friendly its whiskers point forward.
  • When a cat is being hostile, defensive or aggressive its whiskers lie flat.

Information about a CATS NOSE - Smell

  • A cats sense of smell is 14 times stronger than that of a humans sense of smell.
  • There is a scent organ in the roof of a cats mouth. This organ is called the vomeronasal (otherwise known as Jacobsons organ).
  • When a cat hangs out its tongue it is opening the passage to the vomeronasal.
  • The nose pad of a cat has ridges and is unique - just like the fingerprints of a human are unique.

Information about CATS EARS

  • A cat has 30 muscles in each ear.
  • A cat uses at least 12 muscles to control ear movement.
  • Like humans, a cat uses its ears for balance.
  • The balancing function of a cats ears is unique in that when combined with a cats incredibly supple spine it allows the cat, when falling, to twist and turn enabling the cat to land on its feet.
  • Cats can rotate their ears for directional hearing.
  • Cats hear a much higher range of acoustical signals than humans

Information about CATS - General

  • When a cat kneads with its paws it is happy.
  • The heart beat of a cat is twice as fast as the heart beat of a human.
  • Cats can read your moods.
  • Cats have approximately 230 bones in their body.
  • Cats will not meow at each other, a ‘meow’ is set aside for communicating with humans only.
  • A cat that follows you from room to room throughout your day observing your activities is a sociable cat.
  • Speaking to a cat gives it a sense of security.  The more time you spend talking to your cat the more inclined your cat is to talk back.
  • A dribbling cat is usually a relaxed, happy cat.  Cats produce saliva just like humans do, and when a cats jaw is relaxed a cat may dribble.  Sometimes dribbling can indicate a problem with a cats teeth.

There is much information about cats and cat facts readily available on the internet, in your local library and in schools.  The cat information above in Cat Bites really is a small bite designed to wet your appetite for more knowledge about cats!  keep researching and gathering more cat facts, you will be surprised how big your own cat picture might become!



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